This FAQ tries to answer common questions encountered while trying to edit pages in the OpenSolaris Wikia.

How does one get started?Edit

The Wikia tutorial is here. There are lots of help topics available at wikicities:Category:Help.

If you are already familiar with Wikis, one thing to remember here is that CamelCase for page titles and links is not recommended. Separate the words in the page title with underscores (eg: Wikia_FAQ) and use free links for linking pages.

Who is allowed to create and edit pages?Edit

Right now, everybody has the right to edit pages. We are hoping people would be responsible enough not to abuse this privilege. All previous versions are revision-controlled anyway and admins can easily roll-back vandalized pages.

How to categorize pages?Edit

To add a page to a category, add a category tag at the bottom of the page. For example,


More details about this feature are available here.

How to add a category tag to a page?Edit

Look at #How to categorize pages?

How to create a new FAQ page?Edit

  1. Make sure that the FAQ you are trying to add is not already present and does not overlap with one of the FAQs in Category:FAQ
  2. Create a new page, preferably with a name ending in FAQ. Eg: Wikia_FAQ
  3. Add the following line at the bottom of the page:
  4. Add questions as headings with answers as text immediately following the heading. Eg:
    ==This is the quesion==
    And this is the answer
  5. If there are more than 3 questions, a Table of Contents section will be automatically generated.

How to post a request for an article?Edit

You can do this by creating a stub. A stub essentially a page which does not yet contain enough information to be considered an article.

After writing (or finding) a short article, make it a stub by adding the following text to the page:


This is called a stub template and makes it possible for the article to be flagged as a stub. By convention, these stub templates should be placed near the bottom of the article.

Flagging an article as a stub will add it to the list of requested articles at Category:Stubs.

How to create a stub?Edit

Look at #How to post a request for an article?

I have an article ready. What do I do next?Edit

How about posting it for review? Have a look at the HOWTO Publish Articles page for details.